How to Test Products & Monetize On-Demand Printing/Merchandising

How to Test Products & Monetize On-Demand Printing/Merchandising

Will shares his process for quickly testing products to find winners that can be scaled to big profits.

He also shows us how easy it is to create our own products via on-demand printing for just about any niche!


20:15 – Besides Gear Bubble or Tee Spring, do you pick different print on-demand or other platforms based on the different products?

22:42 – When you’re testing products, what is an indicator of a successful product that can be scaled?

25:09 – Where are you getting your statistics when running these tests?

27:40 – How do you prioritize what to test?

32:50 – Once you have a product that’s working, what do you test next?

35:45 – If you don’t create the designs yourself, where do you get them?

38:40 – How do we implement this strategy on our existing sites?

40:40 – For testing products, what kind of ad do you run?

45:28 – After making the sale and capturing their email as a purchaser, what generally would you try and send them?