Givebot Training Show 2019-10-30 – Superhero Method

In this training broadcast Bill McIntosh introduces the superhero marketing method to profit with Givebot as you build a list with multiple other businesses and benefit a charity, all in the same campaign.

The superhero method is a highly effective, but advanced technique that leaves a charity with contributions it wouldn’t have got without your campaign, leaves hordes of customers with exposure to great deals from a group of sponsor businesses, leaves the sponsor businesses with lots of extra business and an increased customer base, and leaves you with a huge new list of customers, potential marketing clients, fresh income and the satisfaction of helping out the charity. Every one wins!


0:29:47 – How should prizes be awarded?
0:42:14 – Franny4U business review
0:51:40 – Givebot App getting started tips
0:55:46 – Email autoresponders
0:59:04 – Sneak Peek new feature: Start Conversation
1:09:00 – Free ad package prize?
1:15:00 – Givebot superhero as an agency?
1:25:31 – What to charge for service?
1:28:52 – What to give away for an insurance agency?