Crusher Formula Module 2: Product Creation: Part 2

In the Second Webinar of Crusher Formula, we will be further discussing Product Creation:

Specifically, we’ll be covering:

More Specifics on Market Research

• How to assess and enter a niche with more certainty
• Tips and tricks to make this process far easier

Advanced Strategies for Highly Effective Positioning

• We’ll be talking a lot about the “Power of Presentation” and how to out-do your competition.
• Here we’ll also be revealing great resources for outsourcing all aspects of effective presentation.

Prepping for the Product Launch Process

• Proper planning and execution
• The Pros and Cons of Physical vs. Digital Products (and fulfillment resources)
• Any Major Pitfalls to look out for with the Product Launch Process

Product Security

• We have a special guest speaker for part of the webinar, Rick Mataka Jr who will be talking product security – how to keep thieves from ripping you off
• Rick will have a special treat for all attendees.

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