Carrie Wilkerson webinar

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Who is The Barefoot Executive and where did she come from?? Now virtually ‘everywhere’ – Carrie will show you how to maximize live events, online events and social media to get connected MEANINGFULLY! Building relationships, NOT just a fat rolodex!

  • A proven blueprint to become an “Overnight Authority By Design.” In just 6 short months, Carrie went from “unknown” status to a nationally recognized expert and in demand speaker.

  • List building secrets that work FAST. Carrie started with a list of zero. 12 months later her double opt-in list topped 26,000… (and is now close to 100,000) and she did it all without ONE CENT of paid traffic. If you’ve ever tried to build a list from scratch, you already know just how amazing this is.

  • The real secrets of using Twitter and other social media for meaningful conversations and connections with your list. A lot of people will tell you to use Social Media (you know Twitter, Facebook, etc) but they are only interested in broadcasting 1-way messages…that doesn’t work! Carrie will talk about how she’s built up thousands of followers who really and truly connect to her…and why that makes all the difference in the world.