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That was a very smart decision joining this program. You will be receiving a welcome call from us very soon.

The first thing you will want to do is catch up with the training we have done so far. You can watch all of the previous training sessions in your Members Area here.

Make sure you mark your calendar so that you can join us for our next live training:

DATE: Live Partner Meetings are every Tuesday
TIME: 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern
LOCATION: https://www.socialprofitmachine.com/members/live-training/

All of the partner meetings will be delivered live & then recorded if you cannot attend live.

You'll get access to our tools & software throughout the program. Some will be available right away, and others we will release at the appropriate time.

You just joined a great team and a close family of likeminded people. There’s some really really good people inside this program and you’re going to see that right away. We all help each other out, we’re all this close knit tight family inside this program. We really have a lot of fun, but we also get into the guts of making money online and it's just over deliver after over deliver sessions. You’re gonna absolutely fall in love with this program and thank you so much for joining, it was a smart move.

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