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8-Week Live Training Crash Course Watch live over my shoulder as I show you everything you need to do to build a profitable online business in the next 60 days or less, step-by-step. $3,997
The Email Templates These “fill in the blank” email templates and ready-to-go sales funnels take the guesswork out of this challenging part of the equation. Written by a top copywriter who is responsible for over $30 million in online sales, these templates are proven to convert.
The Live Case Study I will be training a brand new employee live, on camera, using The Profit Bundle system. He’ll start from scratch, set everything up and go through the entire process until he is generating income. The ability to watch and follow along with each step in real-time will simplify the process and multiply your chances of success with this system. $1,997
90-Day “Next Level” Coaching & Support In addition to all the tools, training and software you need, you will also benefit from 3 months of hands-on coaching and support from me and my team to help you take your business to the next level. $2,497
The Mastermind Sessions After we have completed the core training and you are up-and-running, I will be hosting a series of private, members-only mastermind sessions. I will be teaching you advanced tactics which will enable you to quickly scale your business and dramatically increase your profits. $2,497
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30-Day Free Trial of PromotionEngine A suite of highly-intuitive marketing automation tools that you can use to generate an unlimited supply of laser-targeted traffic, leads, and sales. You will pay 50% off the retail price after that (just $97/month thereafter)
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30-Day Free Trial of The Profit Platform Our secure Share Hub hosting service, webmaster support & ongoing training starts with the team building up to 3 of your sites for you that includes $2,000 worth of premium themes and plugins, so you can literally be up-and-running in minutes. You will pay 50% off the retail price after that (just $97/month thereafter)
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