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This Free 1-on-1 Consulting Call Is Designed To Help You Have A Breakthrough & Put You On The Path To Profitability

This specialized coaching and consulting session is based around implementation of Bill McIntosh's Profit Discovery Formula. It's designed to help you with two things:

When You Submit Your Application For Coaching, You Agree With The Following:

  1. I understand that I'm applying for a complementary coaching and consulting call about building and growing a successful online business using Bill McIntosh's “Profit Discovery Formula” system.
  2. I understand that truly building a profitable business takes commitment and dedication.
  3. I understand that I may need to change any old & unsuccessful habits that are blocking my path to success.
  4. I understand that the advice that Bill and my coach might give could be substantially different than what other gurus and Internet marketing teachers might have told me.  I'm open to following their advice so that I can get the results I desire.
  5. I understand that this isn't a get rich quick magic button, but rather the path to building a profitable and lasting business. I know that this takes time and effort.  I'm willing to put that time and effort into my business.
  6. I'm looking for help with my business and not hand outs.  I understand that this complementary session is no cost, but that if I'm approved to be mentored by Bill and his team inside the Profit Discovery System that there will be an optional additional expense if I choose to continue.
  7. I understand Bill has made it his business to help people like me generate profit online by building their own businesses. I understand that Bill must pay his staff and all the people who will help me. I understand that there is a fee for his ongoing mentoring if I choose to get help beyond this first free call. Only if I am eligible to participate in the program and receive additional ongoing help I will have the option to purchase more consulting and coaching.

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