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It's designed to help you build a highly lucrative business that you can be proud of. You'll earn your profit by helping people find honest answers and help for their biggest problems and goals.

Throughout this 21 day special course, we'll help you:
  • Decide which niche market you should go into
  • Pick the perfect domain name
  • Create the perfect product
  • Set up your website
  • Set up your email marketing
  • Get free traffic so people see your new business
  • Get people to buy from you
Your 21 Days To Profit Course & Coaching Program Includes step by step video training, blueprints, live help & written guides. It usually sells for $499.

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The $60 Million Dollar Online Veteran Will Help You Build Your Info Product Empire in Just 21 Days

I'll Hand You the Keys to Profit at 99% Off!

Now may be here because you're one of my half a million subscribers, followers, fans, or customers that are out there.

And if you are then you know that I've made it my life's mission to help as many people as possible, become successful entrepreneurs. That's what drives me.

Over the years I've personally been able to generate over $60 million with my internet businesses, and I've been able to found multiple multimillion dollar businesses over the years, and I've now made it my mission to help as many people as possible, have success like mine.

Now, in that spirit, I have something pretty darn amazing I'm going to tell you about, find out how you can get $872 worth of actual value actual for just seven bucks.

We're going to give you a special discount coupon code, just follow the instructions we will give you later. Follow those quick instructions and you'll get your special code, and then also down below the video in a few minutes.

All the information will unlock and show you down there exactly what it is and how you take advantage of it.

Use This Opportunity to Take Control of Your Life

Now, with everything going on in the world, the interest in running and starting your own business that you can run from home is higher than ever before.

And it's no wonder that people want to seize control of their own destiny and have something that they can work on and produce revenue from their own homes.


Implement the Proven Strategies I Use Every Day… The Same Tactics That Brought Me $60 Million In Sales Results

These Are The Same Methods I'm Teaching My Own Children!

It was very recently I was talking with my youngest son, about this very topic. He had some downtime he was going to be at home, and he wanted to know what kind of a business could he start from home.

And he had about three or four weeks of time in order to do it. And so, based around that conversation I kind of came up with a plan for a 21 day roadmap, a little plan on building his first internet based business.

And it suddenly dawned on me that I should be sharing that plan with the world. And so therefore, I created a little roadmap – a course based all around this model.

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A Single Site Generated $15 Million With This Method:

Now it's based around one of my first ever internet businesses that I started several years ago, that business went on to produce nearly $15 million in revenue.

And I started it without any experience. I started it without really knowing much of what I was doing really.

And so it's that type of a business is what I'm going to be teaching him how to build.

And I would like to teach you as well and I invite you to claim your spot in that course right now.

And by the way, while we're talking about big numbers, $15 million nearly in revenue generated from that business…

Work To Build Your Business Now So You Can Get Paid Over and Over Again in the Future

Don't get me wrong, this is not a course on how to get rich quick.

I would like to show you how to build an honest business that you can count on for revenue, whether it's job replacement income or just extra income that you would like running from the comfort of your own home.

I'd like to show you how to do that.

But it will take commitment, it will take work.

It will take challenging yourself to complete our 21-Day Challenge.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the next get rich quick scheme or loophole. If you're looking for an honest business that takes dedication to build… read on, because this is for you:

If you're willing to put the time in 21 days from start to finish, if you'll consistently work on your business with me, then I guarantee you'll come out the other side with a business that you can actually go out and generate profit with.

So, that is the process. And I'd like to invite you to participate in it. And I'll show you in just a minute a little more info about that $15 million business. I'll explain exactly what the business model is and how it works.

The Information Product Advantage – Discover This Superior Business Model

Now the appeal of having a business like this is pretty obvious: you get to set your own schedule work from home whenever you want. You have more freedom overall, and a chance to control your own destiny.

i You don't have to rely on clocking in at an office or physical location, and it's a chance where you could actually work from home and have a lifestyle that you're looking for.

More people than ever are looking for a business like this.

Now the easiest business to run is one selling digital products through a website, and it's one that I actually can help you set up.

The Massive Advantages of the Info Product:

And the reason I like this is because it is very hands off there is no inventory to source. There is no products you have to private label, where you have to go out and get them manufactured in China and shipped here and have your branding put on it and you don't have to ship them to Amazon you don't deal with inventory  – none of that kind of stuff.

Instead, they're simple products that literally exist online and you just sell access to them. I like them because they can be automated they can be systemized, and they can run all by themselves.

And this is by far the easiest way to do it. So, the one I founded some time ago generated nearly $15 million with that model so far.

Seize This Opportunity – The Timing Couldn’t Be Any Better

Overall, information products have EXPLODED in the last couple of years, and the stats reflect this.

Course selling platforms are seeing a 400% increase in sales, ebooks are up 60%, the entire elearning industry is on fire.

You can take a bite out of this multibillion dollar industry today and see profits for years to come.

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Bring In REAL Passive Income (After the Work is Done)

And that's all it does, it just sells digital information products online – that's all it does, and it is automated. Once I set it up I have literally done nearly nothing with that website.

Now you do have to put the work in upfront to create the business and build the business and establish it, but once it's up and running it is largely hands free – and I love it for that reason.

Now, again, I'm going to be showing you techniques in this training that is an honest way to build an online business that you can count on there's no get rich quick weird money schemes here.

Make Money Helping People

And it's a chance where you can actually help people – I will explain how this works in just a minute and what makes this so unique.

Now, when you create these online digital products you can be paid over and over and over again after you've just created the product one time. I love it for that reason.

Also once your business's existing online. It doesn't need a physical presence of any kind, it's, it's a virtual business that exists online. And when you do it right, it is far easier to make sales, you could actually sell things for small dollar prices and still make big profits.

In fact, the business that I made all that money on was selling an $11 product. This is the closest things to a hand free business that you're going to see, once it's set up after you put the hard work in upfront to establish it, get it rolling get a profitable, then it becomes a relatively hands free business.

Let Others Build Your Product For You

And it's the business of selling digital products. Now, what I like to do is actually sell information. And this can exist in many different forms and I'm going to show you inside our 21 Days To Online Profit Course, how you can buy this information.

In fact, that $15 million business that I keep mentioning – I bought that information, it was information that people needed and wanted that helps them. It was information that I actually bought – of all places – I bought it on eBay.

I bought the information on eBay, I took some special steps to make it valuable, I put it up on a website following the formula, and I'm going to teach you exactly what I did to generate almost $15 million with that one product.

That's one way you can buy the information and make it valuable and just sell it. The other thing is you can interview experts, you can do recorded interviews of experts, you can do, audio, video or text based content by interviewing experts and getting them to tell you the valuable information, or you yourself can generate the content and become the expert.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

The big misconception is a lot of people think that you have to be some kind of guru or really smart expert in order to do this and you don't, you can start out knowing nothing about a niche market. And as you learn, and educate yourself, you can learn and educate your audience.

You don't have to be like one of those people that say “fake it until you make it.”  Be very genuine very honest and as long as you're doing a good job following the formula I'm going to teach you, you can sell information digitally easily through the website that I am actually going to create for you.

Now how do you succeed in selling virtual digital products? By virtual products I mean:
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Written materials
  • Downloadable ebooks
  • Online courses
  • And so on.
There’s an enormous variety of online products you can sell.

It's quite simple. And I walk you through step by step how to do this.

First you need to choose a good niche market, and there are some really important details about this you have to get right in order to succeed.

Discover Exactly How to Find Winning Product Ideas That Will Bring You Profit for Years

I'm going to teach you how I'll show you exactly how to pick the right niche market.

I’ll also show you how to discover what's truly needed or wanted by the niche market that you pick.

So if you pick gardening, or you pick the outdoors or you pick camping or who knows…? The sky's the limit for a virtual digital product.

No matter the niche, I'll show you how to discover quickly and easily what they truly need and want in that niche market. It's pretty cool.

Then, I'll show you how you can discover the problems people in that market have, and discover the goals that they want to accomplish.

Then, I'll show you how to provide them with information that helps them with all of this, it helps them with what they need and it helps them solve their problems, and helps them achieve their goals. It's actually quite fascinating as you go through the process!

It just kind of works itself out – it's a step by step process that I'll show you how to do. And it is very very cool when you come out the other side, you actually have a really valuable product that people like purchasing, enjoy consuming, and they love going through it and learning.

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Get Simple and Effective Training From the Guy Who Generated $60 Million Online

And you're helping people, which is why you get paid and make a lot of money. And this is all covered in our 21 Days To Profit Course, we're going to have two to three short lessons, each and every week, and it will teach you a single powerful technique in each lesson.

Get a Treasure Trove of Impactful Training

I'll give you any written materials. Cheat sheets, blueprints, whatever else you might need to be able to understand and go, implement that simple strategy.

You have one strategy to implement with each training video. Two to three videos a week.

And then you're gonna have homework. Every single lesson has some really simple homework for you to do.

These videos are short, five to 10 minutes in length, and when you leave, you'll walk away with one task to do. You complete that task and then you go to the next video.

It's step by step, and when you're done, you will have built a valuable online business. One step at a time.

Everything You Need to Launch Your Own Million Dollar Online Business – Just $7

When you're done, you're going to have your own business, ready to start profiting. You will have:
  • A sales funnel
  • A checkout process
  • A members login area
  • A product
  • The ability to take payments online
You don't need any other outside funnel builders shopping carts, any of that stuff.

You don't need any of that stuff. In fact you don't even need an email autoresponder – I'll explain in just a minute because I am going to provide all of that for you.

I'm going to walk you through how you pick that niche market. How to pick your domain name. A lot of people get stuck on this point, so I'll walk you through how to pick your domain name.

We Will Help You Pick Your Domain Name… and I'll Even Buy It For You!

And not only that, I'll buy it for you out of my own pocket. I'm gonna buy your domain name.

After I teach you how to pick the right one, I'll show you exactly what to build what to sell, how to take orders, how do you put the whole thing together, I'm even going to have my team help you do it.

Then we're going to end off at the end of the 21 days with a powerful strategy that will help you go out and start generating traffic and your first customers, right away.

Get $874 in Value For $7

So, accept my challenge and I'm willing to give you this $499 course for just $7. Plus, I'm going to give you a bunch of extra bonuses. On top of that, for free. That's right, seven bucks for a $499 course and $375 in bonuses thrown in on top of that for free.

Now, if you've been following me for a long time, then you know that typically my, extensive courses with video training and written materials and usually we have software and other tools that help you.

And typically I charge anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $5,000 for those courses and for those systems.

This course is a $499 course. And because of the unusual circumstances that have been going on in the world, and the big push people that really truly want to actually have a business building at home, I'm willing to just help.

Dive Into This 21-Day Challenge – Come Out the Other End With a Profitable New Business

My team and I actually had a meeting about this and we decided that we want to do our part to help you build your online business. And that's why we're doing this.

So I'm going to give you this $499 course, to be able to get in to get the course for just $7. We're going to do a bunch of extra stuff and adding in free bonuses to help make sure that you can succeed.

And what I'd like to do now is, let's take a look, I'm actually going to pull the website up, I'm going to pull it up on screen in just a second. And I'd like to take a look and see exactly what's included and show you.

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A Professional Tech Team Will Build Your Website – No Technical Experience Needed to Launch Your Profit Empire

That's a $499 value, you're going to get unlimited website hosting, so my team is actually going to build your website for you, including a shopping cart, including a funnel, but you know, a sales funnel with a funnel builder, including everything you need.

There is actually a whole bunch of additional software and tools and things that we preinstall on these sites.

So, we're going to set it up, build it for you. I'm going to waive our usual setup fees. We normally charge a $297 setup fee to get started – I'm going to waive that. And I'm going to give you 30 days of our hosting for free.

Get Access to a Power Email Marketing Suite – Double Your Profits With This Persuasive Sales Channel

I'm also going to include an autoresponder, our email marketing suite, which has all of the tools that you need to actually sell and market and promote your business through email, so there's no need to have to go out and spend extra money on outside autoresponders that are out there.

30 days of our email marketing suite is included as part of the package.

I Will BUY Your Domain For You!

I'm going to buy your domain name. So, out of my pocket I'm going to cover the cost, I will buy your domain name, and I'm going to give you a custom domain mailbox.

Meaning that you'll have your very own custom email so whatever domain that I buy for you, you know, yourdomain.com, we’ll create a custom mailbox so you can log in and send and receive email to your customers and prospects and business associates –  it'll come from your domain name, it'll be like [email protected] – whatever your domain is.

That's a $29.99 value.

All together, that's a total value of over $874

I'm going to give it to you for $7 today. Pretty crazy, right?

For $7 You Get:

  • 21 Days To Profit Course and Coaching Program,
  • Unlimited website hosting
  • The autoresponder
  • The email marketing suite,
  • A free domain name
  • Custom domain mailbox,
  • All set up, 30 days of hosting, 30 days of email autoresponder all included in this for free.
So that allows you for a full free, a full month to set this business up and realize if this is right for you. And it only cost us $7 today.

Conveniently Access Your Training Anywhere, Anytime – Flexible Program That Works With ANY Schedule

So you'll need to join me, it's two or three times a week for about 10 minutes the videos vary they range from probably as short as five minutes to, I think there's a couple that are 15 and maybe one session might take 20 minutes but there'll be short quick videos, we'll do it a couple times per week.

It's all pre recorded so they'll be posted on to a web page for you, you'll be able to watch them at your leisure. And you'll have one single task to do after each video, step by step, you're going to build your online business, and I'm going to help you do it.

Click Here & Claim Your Spot Now:

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What's the Catch?

Now you might be asking yourself “well what's the catch?”

This is kind of crazy, $874 worth of stuff for $7. What the heck is that all about?

Well, there is a catch. There's actually two of them. Let me explain:

You’ll Become My Next Success Story

First, I need you to agree, before you go check out before you go complete your purchase that, you will share your progress as you go through this process.

So if you're learning things and having successes and wins share them with us. Then I'm looking for success stories and testimonials, when we've helped you build this business so when you have your business set up and running and you're excited about it. Give me a testimonial.

When you've got your first sales in your first profit coming in, give me a testimonial. And if you're willing to share your successes and your progress along the way, I'm willing to do this for you also.

Take Profit Platform For a Spin

The second thing is that we are going to help you build your website, my team will help set it up.

They'll help you set up your email autoresponder to help you create your sales funnel, and we're going to host your all of this, your site and everything you need for the first 30 days. for free.

This includes your autoresponder.

This includes your website, your funnel builder, your shopping cart.

In terms of technology there is nothing else you need it is all included and all of that for the first 30 days is free.

Now, it's a 21 day challenge, so you have three full weeks to implement the challenge, plus a little bit of extra time to help if you're falling behind a little bit.

And you can set up your business, decide if it's right for you, and if you want to keep your website you want to continue going with all of our free services, and you can continue on and pay our normal monthly hosting an autoresponder service fees rates on that are shown on the page below.

Otherwise, you can cancel anytime before the first 30 days just cancel, and you'll still keep your 21 days to profit course.

The course is yours for $7 today, all these extra added bonuses.

If you decide you would like to keep them. Awesome. They're yours, you'll just keep paying the monthly fee, and it will all be included and you can continue to use the autoresponder and the unlimited website hosting for as long as you would like.

So you can continue building more digital product businesses for yourself or your family, or if you want to build other internet businesses you'll be able to create as many websites as you want it is unlimited hosting and unlimited autoresponder service you can put an unlimited number of leads in your autoresponder, it's all included in the price.

Again you'll have a full 30 days to cancel. Even if you cancel, you can still keep the 21 days to profit course that's yours for the $7 investment today.

Now, remember, when you have success just be willing to give me your experience, it doesn't have to be on video if you're not comfortable doing video, it can be a written success story.

Be willing to share that with me, and I'm willing to help you build your internet business.

It is my life's mission to help entrepreneurs, be successful. And I would like to help you in that very same way.

Now Is the Time to Take Action

So what do you say? Are you in?

The challenge is beginning in just a couple of days and there are a limited number of seats, so don't leave this page without claiming your spot.

It is really really important that you do that. It's just a $7 investment to lock in your spot. Just follow the instructions below and you can get your 99% off discount code, okay?

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Follow Them and Save $492!

So there's a special set of instructions that you'll see. Follow them, it will give you a discount code, you're going to have your own special discount code.

Then, on the order form, you'll see this on the order form, be sure to put the coupon code in the form, and then click the ‘apply coupon’ button. If you don't do that you will pay full price and it will be $499. So I don't want you to be surprised when that happens.

So claim your coupon code, following the instructions on the page, put it into that the coupon code field, and be sure to click apply coupon before you complete your order –  that will change the price to $7  – and then you click order now.

I look forward to seeing you in the members area. And oh, I did want to do this.

Claim Your 99% Off Discount & Get All This For Just $7!

Your special discount code is “21SPECIAL”. Use it below and you'll only pay $7 today! That's a 99% off discount and a total savings of $492! And to sweeten the deal even further, I'll give you three exclusive bonuses that you'll need in order to build your business:
  • Unlimited Website Hosting: 30 days included free & set-up fees waived ($297 value)
  • Autoresponder & Email Marketing Suite: 30 days included free ($49 value)
  • 12 Months Of A Free Domain Name & Custom Domain Mailbox: We'll pay for it! ($29.99 Value)
For a tiny investment today of only $7 you'll receive over $872.99 in actual value!

When you use your special coupon code “21SPECIAL” at checkout, you'll receive all this:
  • 21 Days To Profit Course & Coaching Program: Includes step by step video training, blueprints, live help & written guides ($499 value)
  • Unlimited Website Hosting: 30 days included free & set-up fees waived (normally $297 + $98/month)
  • Autoresponder & Email Marketing Suite: 30 days included free ($49 value)
  • 12 Months Of A Free Domain Name & Custom Domain Mailbox: We'll pay for it! ($29.99 Value)

Total Value: $874.99

When you use your special coupon code at checkout below, you'll receive all this, plus additional surprise bonuses, for only $7:

This Sounds Like an Unbelievably Amazing Deal, What's The Catch?

Be willing to share your progress and give me a success story after you've built your online business.

If you do that, I'll even throw in a website, an email autoresponder, a domain name and much more all for seven bucks!

We'll host your website, set up your email autoresponder, create your sales funnels and host all this for the first 30 days for free… then, only if you LOVE these things and want to keep them – continue paying for our monthly hosting & autoresponder service at $98/month.

Otherwise, you can cancel before 30 days from now and you won't pay a dime more. You'll still keep the entire 21 days to profit course valued at $499 even if you don't renew your hosting.

We think you'll love our services and support for that low monthly amount. And we know that if you went through the hassle of setting a website, funnel builder, email autoresponder, shopping cart, etc. -setting that all up on your own, it could end up costing you triple or more every month – not to mention all the technical headaches! That's exactly why we want to help you save money and hassle by providing it all for you in one place at a single low monthly cost. And we're even going to cover that cost for the first 30 days!

Your special discount code is “21SPECIAL”. Use it below and you'll only pay $7 today! That's a 99% off discount and a total savings of $492!

This Offer Is Expiring, Claim It Now Before It's Gone:

21 Days To Online Profit: $499.00 + $98.00/Mo.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to be some kind of expert or guru to do this?

The first question, the big one, was people really were worried that this meant they had to be an expert.

You know, you had to be some sort of expert or guru or, you know, some sort of master hobbyist or something.

And that's absolutely not the case. In fact, if you're an expert then it's pretty darn cool – this is a way for you to get an audience, a way for you to get exposure and to kind of become that expert that you would like to be as an example.

Here's a guy that he's worked for several big tech companies like Facebook and Google and companies like that. He created an entire digital product empire that is all centered around teaching people how to get jobs at those big tech companies, and he makes a lot of money doing that, that's an example of someone who might be an expert who wants to kind of step up and take their spot as the expert, so if you are one great, I'll show you how to get an audience, and I'll show you how to step into your role as an expert.

But you don't need to be an expert. You can actually, as I mentioned in training you can go out and find other people who are experts and interview them.

You'd be shocked how easy it is to do that I, I'll teach you how I'll show you exactly how that works inside the members area. You can either find people who are experts.

And if you're gonna find already existing information and resell it, that's another really easy thing to do. There's a few different ways to do that. I will teach you how to do that.

That's how I did it in the business we made almost $15 million. I'm not an expert. I was never an expert.

I just bought the valuable information, repackaged it and resold it. That's it, and produced over $15 million. And as I mentioned, I got that information on eBay.

But there are thousands of places that you can get it. Okay. Also, I started talking about how you use information to help people solve their problems and achieve their goals, and they're worried like how do I know that, do I guess, how do I know what their problems and goals are.

You don't need to know that going in. You just go through the process, I'll teach you the process, and you will learn what their problems, and what their goals are.

And then you find the information that helps them with those things. And that's how you make money.

How much time do I have to put in to make this work?

All right, well I mentioned earlier that you'll have two to three lessons it varies a little bit week to week. Each lesson is going to say I say on average, it's going to be about 12 minutes maybe 15 tops, but you'll spend watching the video. You know, absorbing the training, and you'll have to go put that lesson into action.

So let's say it takes an hour to two hours overall two to three times a week. So, you know, I would say that's what is that that's like six to nine hours per week. And so you could do that on the weekends, you can do that at night it's completely on your schedule and but that's about it so it's something like six to nine hours per week for three weeks.

What happens if I fall behind in the 21 days, do I miss out or something?

No, you don't.

So you fall behind you know maybe life gets in the way or whatever stuff happens and you fall behind in the 21 days. That's okay.

The 21 Day Challenge course belongs to you – you own it, so you can come back at any time, and do the course. So if you need to skip a couple of days and come back. no problem.

So, use that like after 21 days you're locked out, even when you buy you own the course, you can continue to have access to it.

Are there any upsells?


Is there anything else that I have to buy to make this whole thing work?

And so I believe in full transparency so I want to tell you that I do have an optional service, and an optional and product that I would like to tell you about when you get into your members area, you can buy them, they are optional.

They are not required, you can absolutely make this business work without them, but they can magnify your results if you want to get bigger results you want to get faster results, and you'd actually like to get some one on one help with building your business, you want to talk directly to a coach for example, these are things that I can do to help you.

And they do cost extra. More about that is inside the members area.

Again, they're optional, you can take them or not. And you will not need anything else, right.

Everything Your New Business Needs – Right Here for $7

So, with your investment today, you get in. You do not need to go out and buy extra autoresponders. As I mentioned earlier, it's included, we're gonna give you an autoresponder an email marketing suite that helps you send emails.

We're going to give you complete unlimited website hosting.

You don't need a funnel builder, it's included.

You don't need a shopping cart, it's included.

You don't need to go buy like security certificates for your website, you don't need to do any of that stuff you're gonna have a complete site with a funnel, with a sales process, you'll be able to take credit cards or directly on your site, it's all included in what you're picking up today.

What Happens If I Cancel?

Okay. Now, the next question is, what happens if I cancel the monthly hosting, or the autoresponder fees?

That's simple. Those services stop. That does not remove your access to your 21 Days To Profit course.

Once you check out today, you own that course it belongs to you, you'll continue to have access to it.

Even if you cancel your monthly hosting or an autoresponder fees. Again, there's no fees for 30 days so if your full month you pay nothing for those fees. Optional up to you.

If you want to want them to renew and you want to keep all of the stuff that we're doing for you. awesome, you can do that. But I wanted to make sure that you had this next 30 days to use it to go through this exercise and kind of learn the process.

And then it's optional if you want to keep them. Again, if you cancel them, you'll keep your course, you'll just lose access to those services that we charge the monthly fees for.

And that pretty much rounds it out. So at this point, what you'll want to do now is go down below. Check out. Get in the 21 Days To Online Profit course, and I'll see you inside the members area.

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