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There’s no denying that webinars rock and are extremely powerful for MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY VIRTUALLY OVER NIGHT… but the real question is… are you going to take advantage of this webinar craze… or sit on the sidelines like most people do?

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  • 15 Modules Of Hardcore Training!!

    These modules will blow me away with lucrative secrets and insights and more.  These modules will show me how to make money from A to Z with webinars and cover everything I could ever need and then some!

  • 4 Group Coaching Sessions!!!

    These group coaching sessions will show me how to further make money, how to conduct webinars without even being the one who voices them (no public speaking) and much more!  I can even ask questions and further dial in everything I need!  Everything is covered!  Everything!

  • Step-By-Step Blueprints!!!

    This is step-by-step instructions on how to pull off stellar webinars that bring in money!  These blueprints cover everything and make my life much easier and profitable!

  • Webinar Advantage Software!!

    This software will allow me to convert higher, make money money, have more attendees and build a list of subscribers along the way.  This software is HUGE and a major reason I want this program!

  • Paint By The Numbers Webinar Template

    An Already Created PowerPoint Template! Just fill in the blanks and follow the mind map that walks you through the whole process. Even includes a 1 hour training session with us walking you through How to use the template!

  • Secret Bonus: Webinar Snap

    Twice a month we’ll create & record custom webinars for all our members. Just upload the recorded webinar into your favorite webinar system & you’re ready to go! Or, take the slides and do it in your own voice!

  • Secret Bonus: Webinar Snap Automation!

    We’ll take the monthly pre-built webinars we make for you & load them up into an automated webinar player & we’ll give you access to this as a special bonus when it becomes available!

Yes Crusher Crew, I want all of this and I’m excited to get in this program. I realize that webinars are a full blown business and this program shows me EVERYTHING I need from top to bottom!

I’m in… I’m so in!  Let’s do this!

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