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Attend The Social Traffic Webinar With Brad Stephens & Bill McIntosh To Win An iPad!

Attend The Social Traffic Webinar With Brad Stephens& Bill McIntosh To Win An iPad!

First of all… you’ve GOT to attend live to win…

I’ve cracked the code for a brand new method of marketing. If you want floods of traffic, you’ll definitely want to see what I’m doing. You’ll get to see my sites and exactly how I’m doing it…

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Prizes Will Be Awarding During The Live Training!

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The Prizes…

  1. iPad Air

How To Win…

Once You’ve signed up you’ll get a chance to automatically join on Facebook & Twitter. Just authorize the contest app & begin spreading the word online with your very own contest link. You’ll earn points when you put your contest link ANYWHERE online & get people to click & visit!

We’ll automatically give you bonus points for a wide variety of actions! For example: when you post videos on YouTube with your contest link in the video description or you mention the contest on Twitter. You’ll earn points in MANY different ways & here’s the complete list…

Earn MASSIVE Bonus Points Just For Reading & Responding To
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The more actions you take to promote the contest… the more chances you have to win! This is a contest of skill because the more active & effective players will get the most entries. Prizes will be randomly selected out of all the entries. So while the contest point leaders will have the greatest odds of winning… EVERYONE who plays has a chance!

Attend The Social Traffic Webinar With Brad Stephens & Bill McIntosh To Win An iPad!

Attend The Social Traffic Webinar With Brad Stephens& Bill McIntosh To Win An iPad!

Contest Rules:

We HATE Spam of all kinds. While we encourage you to spread the word far and wide we don’t want you to use Spammy tactics of any kind. Here are some of the actions will get you banned from the contest:

We reserve the right to adjust this list, adjust your points or ban you from the contest for using spammy tactics to promote the contest. If you are found to be using any automated means of producing traffic or sign-ups you will be banned immediately. If you are caught signing up under false accounts to inflate your points you will be banned immediately.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Contest rules subject to change without notice. See contest rules for more information.

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