Getting Started
You will want to get started by watching the ReviewCrusher Video Training which is a four part, step-by-step training series on the entire ReviewCrusher model.

Your Site
You will need to have your own domain (or you can optionally use a subdomain on our site, Once you have chosen your domain, follow the steps on this page in order for us to get started on your site. Please note that site installations are done on a first come, first serve basis and each site can take up to 1 week to be completed. There is also a link to the site request form on your Members Page.

Members Page:
There’s a lot going on here on It’s important not to get distracted by all the additional content we provide. We wanted to take a minute to show you around and help answer some questions that may come up.

The Most Important area on our site is your Members Page. This page will list all of the products that you have access to. Make sure you bookmark your Members page so you can always easily get back to it. Here is an example of what the Members area looks like:

As you can see, many of our products have a lot to them. We like to pride ourselves on over delivering, but this can sometimes lead to confusion. The important thing to focus on is the product you purchased. The additional bonuses are there to help supplement your training, but you want to make sure you start with the one you bought and once you understand that, then you can look through the bonuses and see what that additional training can provide for you.

We deliver a large number of products on this one site, and it can be confusing when you run into an area that you do not have access to. If you see an area that asks you to log in (and you are already logged in) that is content that is unavailable to your membership level. When you click on any of the links on your Members Page those will take you right to the content that is available to you.

If you need help, you can always put in a support ticket at our help desk:

Thanks again, and here’s to your success!!

Bill & The Crusher Crew

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