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Now this is not for everyone, but we want to tell you about it. it's called the inner circle program and its our highest level program. and

Right now it's SEVERELY LIMITED and a
very closed-door private program

In fact, just to get inside this tight group, you'll need to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). That way we can share freely inside this private program without worrying about people going and plastering our techniques all over the internet. When you see everything we provide inside this program and everything you get, you'll understand why we must get people to sign the NDA. And they gladly sign it.

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This is a 6 week “jump-start” program with a personal coach.

  • It comes with 3 coaching calls (phone or skype) with your personal coach.
  • 6 accountability emails from your coach as well. This keeps you on track. This is awesome!
  • If you've never had an accountability coach, it just fuels you to get things done because you want to impress the coach and the person keeps you rolling. It's absolutely awesome for getting things done and making so much more money, faster.
  • Also, you're going to get 6 lifeline emails as well. These are for any time you need to email if you're stuck in the middle of something or you have some big-time questions you need to get answered. You get 6 lifeline emails to get your questions answered by your coach as well.

It's normally $97 per month and is a steal at that. The actual value of what it costs to create this stuff is $18,000+. Here is what it includes:

  • Instant access to 14 niche market website template. these are wordpress ready templates.
  • 4 new niche market templates per month, so every month you're going to get 4 NEW niche market templates. When you get inside the “inner circle” program, you'll understand why this is important because we'll share with you how you can make a lot of money with these niche sites.
  • Each niche market comes with a Website, a Free Report and 4 Auto-responder emails pre-written for you.
  • The report you can give away for free to build your list
  • You can edit 4 auto-responder emails and use them however you want.
  • Plus check this out: You get 1 niche product, a full blown product, per month, that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

So you get full private label rights to all niche sites, content & products to modify as you wish, re-brand and use however you want and keep all the profits you make. So, we provide you with a product every month, plus the templates, plus the emails…this is awesome!

So that's a total of 62 niche packages in your 12 month “Inner Circle” program, huge.

This is access to a private, off line mastermind workshop valued at $2,000.

This VIP mastermind session is a hands-on intensive training and masterminding session where you will:

  • Make massive progress,
  • Take massive action (we call this a blitz)
  • Make massive breakthroughs in your business, through exclusive content, high level strategies, high level contacts made, resources obtained, and close relationships formed in this intimate environment.

We'll have these little mastermind groups with you and a few other people and you guys will help each other and will help grow each others businesses. It is so much fun and it just catapults your business forward so quickly. It's amazing what can be done in these awesome mastermind sessions. Your business mind will never be the same again when you leave these workshops.

After your first free workshop, “Inner Circle” members get first shot at any available seats to additional workshops at exclusive discounted pricing.

We're going to be doing tons of workshops, you get one for free and the value here is $2,000 just for the ticket and we're going to give you one for free. So you can see what this is like because its phenomenal for your business. You will also receive video or audio recordings of all the private mastermind workshops as long as you are an “Inner Circle” member.

You also get a ticket to one offline, high-level workshop per year, included. You get a small mastermind group to work with. Non-stop, advanced content and million dollar resources and strategies. You get the private recordings of the event too.

Value is $2,000, you get that ticket for free as part of this package.

This is where we provide an Outsourcer for an entire month for you.

  • 1 free month of outsourcing valued at $500 plus “Outsource Crusher” which is valued at almost $1,000.
  • You get a dedicated virtual worker to work on your internet business for 1 full month.
  • You get ongoing access to crusher approved outsource workers at special rates.
  • After the first month, you can continue to have access to pre-screened and pre-training “crusher approved” virtual workers at special negotiated rates. That's priceless.

Let me tell you, getting people to do this stuff for you is awesome. It'll free up your time, and allow you to think of the bigger, more creative ideas and let other people do the grunt work for you.

You get full access to the “Outsource Crusher” online training center, which is over a $500 value. You get videos, audios and master manual to ensure you “outsource like a crusher”.

Job Crusher “Inner Circle” Summary:

Total Real Value: Over $16,000

For this small window of time, we are allowing a small group of new clients into our Elite “Inner Circle” Mastermind!!

You got to get into this program. If you are serious about making a ton of money, it just doesn't get any better than this.

This Inner Circle program is our highest level VIP program. We take great care of our clietns and do everything that we can for them. You are entering into an opportunity that is unlike anything you have seen or will ever see in the Internet Marketing space.

This is Huge!

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We take great care of our highest level clients and you will be amongst an elite roup of people who are likeminded and eager to grow a real online income!

if you understand the huge value of personal 1-on-1 mentoring, this is your shot!

if you understand the real value of working closer with us, if you understand the value of relationships and building mastermind groups – in “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill explains that one of the big strategies that the rich use is building Mastermind groups which is what we are providing you here.

This is your shot – this is your shot to get into a high level Inner Circle Mastermind like this, plus get a personal coach and all the tools and strategies.

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