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I've been with Job Crusher for the past year and it has been one of the best decisions that I made for my business. Eric and Bill are the definition of ‘over-deliver'… They pour out everything from their hearts and truly want us to succeed more than anything.

If you are looking to ‘Crush' your job and stop chasing the ‘new shiny object of the week' and build a ‘real' business, DO NOT pass up on this awesome offer!

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I really love the job crusher program and it has helped me see results in my business after years of not seeing any results! I have to say that you will be kicking yourself in the teeth if you pass up on this tremendous offer!

I jumped on their deal a month or so ago and my life is on a different path! Thanks Eric and Bill, I know that this offer will be outstanding!

P.S. they tend to over – deliver on a major scale!

Looks awesome guys,

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I recently spoke at one of Bill & Eric's seminars and the people wouldn't stop talking about how much value they get from these guys. That's a rare! Your in good hands on this.
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It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Job Crusher.


Because when if first started Eric was a consistent source of inspiration to me. I've learned an absolutely ton off the guy, both from paid products and the wealth of information he's given away on the main forum.

Put him in a team with Bill and frankly, that should be all you need to know to see that Job Crusher is an absolute must own.

Fantastic job guys!

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I have been a member of Job Crusher for a little over a year. Within two months of joining Job Crusher, I was making a full time living online. I was just getting ready to give up, thinking that internet marketing was a scam.

Before joining Job Crusher, I was managing a restaurant, putting in long hours. I quit my job, using my savings to live until I could find a way to make money online (something you really shouldn't do). I stumbled around for the first year, learning and buying products that made huge promises but never delivered. Finding Job Crusher is the best thing that ever happened to me. It put me on the path I needed to take to make money.

Inside Job Crusher, you can learn just about any type of marketing technique there is. However, becoming successful online is not about all those techniques, it's about taking action. There are opportunities everywhere when you know where to look. Bill and Eric help you to seize opportunities and to take the necessary action.

These guys know what they are doing and they don't promise you push-button riches that don't exist. They are the real deal and you really need to at least check out the site and poke around a bit to see this for yourself.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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I'm speechless. I've known Eric for many years and heard great things about Bill so when I got wind on the grapevine that they were getting together I was excited, to say the least.

But then I saw inside the Job Crusher members area and I have to say – it has inspired and scared me in equal measure, let me explain…

It inspired me because they literally leave no stone unturned so even a total newbie can finally make money online, sterling job guys!

But it also SCARED me because the sheer QUALITY of what's on offer and access to live group training means a lot of other marketers (myself included) are really going to have to raise our game in this industry.

Again – brilliant product, I'm recommending it to every last person on my 100,000 list as an essential purchase. Hats off to Bill and Eric.

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I have to say that I signed up for this yesterday as a platinum member and I already know I made the right decision. There is so much valuable content and support. I have found a home at Job Crusher!

If you are ready to take action to move your business to the next level, this is it. No more chasing shiny objects for me!

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Hey Bill & Eric,

I signed up, had to take a peak inside. I expected I'd be cancelling my membership as it takes a lot to impress me anymore but it looks like the massive amount of training inside and the live workshops are going to be well worth it. Great job guys.


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Anyone who knows me and follows my critical reviews knows very well I do not pull punches. All I can say is wow… One day was all it took me to figure out this is where I will be focusing and fellowshipping in the future.

Pros: Well played boys… It's all here in the members area.

Cons: A bit overwhelming because of the extreme level of content and tools. But once you see what you have and realize what is coming in the future it's not really a negative because this so called ‘trial' is a joke. I cast aside any thought of not staying in the first few hours

BONUS: access to membersnap is icing on a cake. Even though I can install wordpress and set up my own plugin based membership driven website in an hour, somehow I just have not done it. Having an instant membership site platform (think Kajabi lite) complete with pre-seeded sale and content components… Jeez.

So to conclude. No offense to anyone but you may not see me here for a while… You know where I'll be spending my daily learning time-slice.

See you on the other side!


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Bill, when I first joined, I was thinking that I would probably cancel due to the overwhelming amount of information you provide. I know that sounds silly but information overload is something that I stay away from. But after attending your live video conference, there is no way I would want to cancel. I can tell that you guys really care about teaching your clients. I have been in this game learning for over 2 years. I have made money with off line clients but have yet to make money online. I feel extremely confident that your training and program will be very beneficial in my making money online. I thank you for the opportunity. Bill
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Just was at the first webinar training. Eric and crusher family did a great job focusing in one the biggest problem most of us face..focus! Focus on 1 system, 1 niche..I really liked “math = money” never thought of it that way..but it's so true!. Everyone was very helpful and responsive to your questions. I look forward to getting into the course, learning and implementing. If you haven't gotten in, then give it a try…what do you have to lose except great income potential!
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Pure platinum…and there are mountains of it “buried” inside the members area and then some. Heck, just a single site critique on live training session can be worth more than the whole year of membership payments if you just implement what they teach. Then you have the forum (multiple times worth of membership fees if you participate, like KEY said.), membersnap (again, value = multiple times > than what you paid for) etc.

There are so much content and value that the question is not if Bill and Eric overdelivers…not even how big they overdeliver (and they do it with ” dozen 18 wheel monster trucks with full of goods”), but just how much you are willing to take advantage of it. I have been a platinum member a year or so now, and I am just beginnig to realize just how much there is offered , and often on silver (or should I say platinum) platter…
… but the thing is, most people (especially in IM world) do not take the action no matter how well everything is served. It´s like the baby handing the candy but you refuse to try and take it because it might be too difficult…who knows what the baby can do to stop you!

And as if that wasn´t enough, the crusher community is golden. There are tons of great people helping eachothers and striking JV deals, forming partnerships etc. (which is, again, alone multiple times more worth than you paid for!) The staff is really nice and helpful and you will always feel welcome when you enter to the Live training. New members are warmly welcomed to the JC family and their questions answered etc…and old ones has become your friends already.

And finally, you have to see the crusher monkey hangin on the wall…

I probably forgot to mention something because there is just so much about Jobcrusher to mention…


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Wow, just wow…

Listened to the Marketing Blueprint mp3s.. Really helped cleared the IM fog. I know where I got off track and what I have to do next.

Regretting I didn't pick up the upgrade. But I will work with what I have, which is plenty and bootstrap it. I haven't been this enthusiastic about IM in a long time.

Thanks Eric and Bill for actually making me feel hopeful again!


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I have heard nothing but good things about both Bill and Eric in the past, so I decided to get on board and take advantage of their Platinum offer.

After the first training session this evening (8-22-12), I went away with a very positive feeling. All of the staff on the training and some of their long time members who attended as well, showed nothing but the highest interest in helping new members and over delivering on the content they provided.

I guess it was like finding that one doctor you are paying for, that actually takes the extra time to get to know the real you and not the number you represent.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the initial training and I look forward to learning more. Some people were just gifted to be teachers and I believe these guys and gals fit that mold to a tee.

If you are considering this program, I would say that you have more to lose by not giving it a shot. I believe it will be worth more to me, then I will end up paying and then some!

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I only just joined up yesterday and have not had a chance to go through all of the material but I really like what I've seen so far,especially the mindset video by Eric.That's one video I will be watching over and over again,if you want to be successful in IM then the real truth is contained in that one video.

To be honest, my first impressions are that the Job Crusher crew are both savvy AND sincere.I sat in on the call last night (did you?),and you couldn't have wished for a more friendly,helpful and sincere bunch of people.

I guess we all see things from a different angle and we all have an opinion,but I can only say that my first impressions are very positive.

Not having a go at you,just giving my own unbiased view and I can absolutely assure you that I never genuflect or bend for anyone,with the exception of Bruce Lee,Pele and Muhammed Ali!

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You see, most Warriors who browse and purchase WSO‘s are “pretenders”. They buy the $7 eBooks and store them on their hard drives—just waiting for the perfect time and place to “get around to it someday”.

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• Go go back to “things remaining the same”. Getting the same results, keep “spinning your wheels” with “shiny objects” and gimmicks, and remaining stuck forever.

We’re not asking you to do anything extreme. Just 7 bucks. But we can promise you more than one sentence of actionable value. In fact, we guarantee much more.

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Special Discounted Offer CLOSING NOW: Get In Before The Price Goes UP!

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