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"You Are Seconds Away From Working With 2 Guys Who Have Done Over 30 Million Dollars Online And YOU Are About To Ignite A Journey To Quit Your Job Forever!"

…FINALLY!  You Get Everything You Need, Including The Point-Blank Guidance, To REALISTICALLY Build Yourself An Automated Online Business To Be Proud Of!!

Step-up to the plate, face the challenge, arrange your pathway towards online achievement and FINALLY… get serious and start building a REAL business with the help of 2 very REAL experts!

Get 1 Full Year Now for ONLY $997


Dear Friend,


You are moments away from securing your spot in an incredible opportunity to work with Bill McIntosh & Eric Louviere (including their staffs and resources).


Of course this is not for everyone (obviously most out there are just not serious at all about making money)… but if this is for you, which it should be, then welcome aboard and we are glad to meet you!




Recap Of What You Get:

YES Bill & Eric… I’m So Pumped-Up About This RARE Opportunity And I Understand I’m Going To Get The Following:


– Job Crusher Formula Training!


For weeks we will school-you, train-you, ramp you up and transform you into a money-making machine.  You will know our million dollar formula like the back of your hand.


You will be equipped, armed and dangerous enough to build a real business and work online from home!


This is as serious as we’ve ever been about helping people (YOU) and you better believe, we are going to prepare you for a wealth journey unlike anything you’ve ever seen!


Each week, we’ll be training LIVE and revealing our deepest, most lucrative secrets to you!  You’ll get the recordings and worksheets and be so trained-up, you’ll be able to TEACH this stuff if you wanted to!


(1 training session per week for 7 straight weeks)


(worksheets, cheat-sheets, blueprints, resource guides, rolodex and much more!)


(Value:  $500-$1,000)




– Full Access To “The Repeat Profit System!”


This is a true “nuts-and-bolts” course…. with step-by-steps… on how to Finally build a serious, lucrative, automated business!


You’ll be able to follow this course and the secrets for years to come! Everything you need to create an automated business is in there!


– Discover traffic strategies you’re never likely to find anywhere else!

– Conversion secrets that will force prospects to pay attention to you!

– How to set up Continuity programs that are great for charging your customers on auto-pilot!

– This program is top-shelf and the best you’re going to find, no joke!


(Value:  Priceless!)



– Instant Renegade Guru! (Program)



You get full access to this program, which teaches you slick ways to position yourself as an expert in any niche. This will set-you-up with a pathway to working online from home very quickly. No joke!


This program is well researched, tested and comes with years of experience building up niche brands! Although, at first glance seems a bit egotistical… this program alone can have you rocking and rolling in no time!


People like to buy from those they…. know… LIKE… and TRUST!  This is super lucrative beyond what you realize!


(Value:  $497)


– Your Own Tricked-Out, SEO’d Website!


And hosting!


The Ferrari Package:  full-blown site, fully locked and loaded SEO + Secret Rocket Fuel List building tools!



Technology be gone!  We’ve got you covered!  Our team of SEO pro’s and in staff tech-dream-team will get your site up, loaded with SEO tricks and all done for you!




The Building Of The Website is…










All you do is pick the domain name, niche, etc. and we build the site for you.  Want help picking the domain name?  No problem.  It’s all taken care of.  We got your back!


Plus, we’re going to host it on our own high-powered, optimized, kick-booty servers that are maintained like nobody’s business.


Plus, you’re going to get our secret list-building tools all geared up and working like a charm.  You lift no fingers.  You break not a bead of sweat.  You relax, we handle it!


Again, we build the site. You pick your niche… add the products… domain name… etc. And if you get stuck, we’ll help you through it step by step!


(Value:  $1,497 + $52 per month)




– Contest Burner!  <— Oh Lawd, this is awesome!


When it comes to driving traffic, igniting buzz in the marketplace and BUILDING A LIST… this is all you gotta know about (Contest Burner!)


This is Bill’s baby and he’s serving it up on a silver platter for you to take full advantage of.  Boy are you in for a treat with this.  You have no idea how powerful this is. 


It’s proven many times over… it’s easy as pie… it’s the tool of all tools… it’s fun… it’s da bomb!


You get Contest Burner too!


(Value:  $444)



– Traffic Crusher 2.0  <– Almighty Yes, Thank You!


Holy smokes, this is 100% primetime, pure, Angus love!  We talking about Traffic?  We talking about Traffic?


We’ve got the traffic course of all traffic courses here my friend.  In this program, you are surrounded by underground (and not so underground) super-stars of traffic generating!


PLUS, you get step-by-step, look over my shoulder videos, that walk you through every single point from scratch to getting server-crushing traffic!


  • PPC


  • Banners

  • Email Drops

  • Solo Ads

  • List Swaps

  • You freaking name it, it’s in there!


Never, ever worry about traffic again!  Period.  Exclamation mark.  You’re covered!


(Value:  $497)


5-Star Silver Club Content!


This is where Eric reveals how to start your own brokering business practically overnight! He shows how anyone, can quickly start this brokering business without a list, without contacts, without spending any money, without anything except effort.


A blockbuster program that has helped many-many people.  You get the entire program, including bonuses (cpa marketing, etc) free!


(Value:  $497)



BONUS:  Membership to JobCrusher Gold!



Yep, you’ve heard about it, you’ve been told stories about it, now it’s yours!  Plus, you get the new 2.0 version to call your own!  You will now become a "Crusher!" and join the ranks of thousands of people who have been "Crusherized!"


(which is a good thing)


All sorts of awesome and amazing networking, community access, training out the wazoo, special interviews and so much more can be found inside this jam-loaded program!


Boy are you going to love this!


(Value:  $800)



BONUS:  Contest Burner Ultimate Edition


This is the upgraded version of Contest Burner that comes with additional domain name licenses, comes with advanced features and just flat unleashes a ridiculous amount of power you never knew existed.


You get this secret upgrade version at no cost for joining now!  Holy smokes this is cool!


(Value:  $147)


BONUS:  Premium Maintenance Service!



– Premium Hosting

– Live Support (live chat or phone)

– Premium server maintenance and content updates & upgrades

– New tools and resources, researched data and more!


(does not include domain name)


(Value:  $162 Per Month)



Total Value:  $10,364

And $214 Per Month!


Get 1 Full Year Now for ONLY $997


 Oh Yeah, And I Also Understand I Get An Iron-tight, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  I’m In Guys, Let’s Do This, I’m Crusherized!





Our well prepared and ambitious plan is to be the biggest, best and baddest online marketing training company in the world.  No joke. 


You… and this program… is the beginning of that plan.  YOU are who we want to model our entire "world dominating" business system after!  You are the case-study we want to make famous.  You are who we want to brag about to the world.


One thing you can count on, and you better believe, we are going to do everything in our power to help you become successful.  We need you to be successful in order for our grand-plan to work!




We very much (very much!) look forward to working with you and getting to know you!  You are in good hands here and we promise to put our very best effort into helping you quit your job forever!


Others have done it… many others have… why not you?!?


If it’s time for you to take that next step, then you’ve come to the right place indeed!


See You Inside!



Bill McIntosh & Eric Louviere

Job Crusher Productions


PS – Of Course, Indeed, This Offer Is Severely Limited And The Slots Will Fill Up Quickly!  Once This Closes, The Second It Closes, It’ll Be Closed For Good!  Please do not ask us to reserve a seat for you on your word because that will cause others to miss out who are ready to join now!  Thanks

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