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Dear Crusher!

How would you like to be an instant guru?? You'll be an instant credible marketer because you'll be offering a product created by a million dollar marketer! You'll be able to say that on your salesletter. You'll be able to say that you are providing a “money-making-formula” proven by a million dollar marketer. Can you see the power here and can you see the dollar signs?? You should be able to recognize opportunity when it presents itself and that's exactly what this is right here, a true opportunity to sell the rights (PLR) to a product Eric created all for you! How often does that happen huh?? How often does a million dollar marketer create a truly valuable product and then give you the rights to it so you can sell it forever as your own? It NEVER happens… until today!

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Because you are basically buying million dollar content from million dollar marketers, that’s like buying a business if you look at it that way. I mean, this content comes from years and years of hard work, figuring this stuff out ourselves and then teaching it.

It’s like having… a million dollar teacher… to create content for you. Look at it like this… most people in this market hire outsourcers or ghostwriters from the Philippians or India to create their content for pennies.

However, that content is often pure rubbish and not very valuable at all. It’s hard to market that content with confidence, knowing in your heart that the content is garbage.

Instead, with “Instant Marketing Guru” content, we are providing you with stellar, top shelf, elite content! You are now providing incredible content to your customers and you can rest assured your customers will LOVE IT!

Eric Louviere Versus Some Ghostwriter From India… Who Wins In Creating Content??

Lets be frank here… there’s no competition. Most ghostwriters have not generated millions of dollars online themselves and are not experienced in teaching this stuff like I am.

It’s not genuine for them to conduct Live webinars or coaching sessions or record videos, or even write about “making money online”. They are no where even close to the same galaxy as I am on this content.

Therefore, for you, this is as good as it’s going to get on content. Likely, 99% of the people in this market cannot create the kind of valuable content as I can… and 99% of the people out there NEVER WILL be able to create this kind of valuable content either. Never-Ever…

All in all, this content can serve you for years to come and it’s content you can bank on. It’s not garbage PLR content that barely makes sense and it’s not crap. It’s great content created by me and/or my partners!

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