CRUSHER MENTORING – Intensive Weekly Training Videos Revealing Quick Money Making Techniques & Insights… Tightly Designed To Get You Out Of Your Day Job For Good! (Six Figure Income Training!)
CRUSHER FORUM – Private "amped-up" Community Forum where movers and shakers interact and share results, help, opinions, support, motivation, JV opportunities, partnerships and much more!
ULTIMATE TRAFFIC TACTICS EVENT! – FULL ACCESS to live streaming of a 3-Day offline blockbuster event in Atlanta, GA (event focused on Traffic)
CRUSHER INTERVIEWS AND CASE STUDIES – Monthly Intensive Interviews And Presentations From Successful Experts Who Are Earning Big Money Online! (They reveal cutting edge, actionable methods)

Reveals every secret and method we use to run million dollar online businesses!
Provides you with "behind the scenes" access to driving traffic, writing ads, constructing salesletters, list building, persuasion techniques, branding examples, press release marketing, social media and much more…
Featuring loads of "how to's" ranging from technical tricks to simple money making techniques and everything in between!
Reveals "step by step" email writing strategies for getting higher open rates, click through rates and pulls-in buyers like mad.
Provides you with excellent, top-shelf training on how to build a list from scratch and turn those subscribers into a passive, ongoing income — freeing up your free-time even more!
How to create your own niche products, lightning quick, for just about any niche market (not private label rights products either!)
Includes a special "11 Day Turn-Around" system to completely change your entire financial life forever. This 11 day system is jam-loaded with step by steps!
The easiest way to control cash-flow and guarantee yourself constant "bill-paying-income" instead of just guessing and hoping.
The easiest way we know of for generating a full time income with only 10 or so hours a week put in.
The easiest way to make money without money or a budget…
The easiest way to make money if you have zero skills and are brand new (newbie).
Advanced insights and secrets to get you over the hump and earning up to 500% more than you did last year!

The easiest way we know of for making money as fast as this week!

And tons more!

From: Eric Louviere & Bill McIntosh
RE: Producing ongoing job-quitting Income

Dear Soon-To-Be-Full-Time-Online-Marketer,

We are looking for a "driven" group of men and women determined to quit their day-jobs and earn a significant income online from home very quickly…

The truth is, we have generated over 30 million dollars online combined… have over 25 years of experience collectively… have helped and trained countless online "money making" people… have pioneered several techniques and strategies… and have consulted expert marketers who also generate millions of dollars.

In a nutshell, our system works… it's PROVEN… and it's finally time you get on the *real* pathway to freedom from a job instead of chasing magic buttons or pies-in-the-sky.

Anyone can master this formula and anyone can quit their day-jobs and work from the comfort of your own home – easier than ever now! Anyone can earn a full time living online from home, and once you do, your opportunities and capabilities skyrocket from there.

Because you see, once you are full time online marketer, you will leap forward pushing your abilities to drive your own income higher and higher!

However, the unavoidable challenge here for you is to realize (wholeheartedly) that earning money online requires your attention on one formula first. You'll discover the quickest way to quitting that day job will come from one foundational formula you master like the back of your hand.

You see, the unavoidable problem here is most people out there continue to bounce around all over the place… from one strategy to the next… and never really focus on one formula effectively. When you bounce around from one strategy or opportunity to the next, you never master anything and that leads most to a road of failure.

And, it's no wonder so many fail to earn a significant income online when there's so much garbage and fake offers flooding the market. There's not many people you can trust out there and it seems the ‘real' information is becoming practically obsolete. Therefore, you must find a proven formula and you must find proven winners, who use their real names and have real businesses (walk the talk).

And this is why the cutting-edge secrets we teach are so effective. This is why we have finally decided to reveal our deepest, advanced secrets for making money online, all in one place and under one roof: Job Crusher!

Perhaps the greatest pathway ever revealed for earning wealth quickly is to simply find someone who has been there and done that, and model what they have done and are currently doing, to earn income.

And we have certainly been there and done that!

Our trials and tribulations have resulted in rapid income growth for us and our partners and students. We are mad-testers, constantly tweaking and measuring and have spent many sleepless nights tinkering with systems to perfect our methods and boost our incomes.

In this program, you get to benefit from all that hard work, all those years of figuring things out on our own, and countless results from mad testing and tweaking. You get to take advantage of all our years of blood, sweat and tears. You get to take advantage of our late night marketing breakthroughs and the secrets that have shaped our free lives.

You see, chances are any problem or obstacle you run into, we've already run into it before ourselves… Or, chances are we have already solved that problem and can help you steamroll through any barriers or obstacles standing in your way of wealth!

Our spending of millions of dollars testing, advertising, measuring, tweaking, refining, inventing and triumphing is your gain. If you qualify as an ambitious and driven individual, who is ready to focus on one system and master the secrets necessary for freedom of a day job, then you're who we are looking for!

There is something we call the "moving parade"… and for the large majority of people out there, they are caught up in a never ending parade.

This never ending parade is a trap and it prevents good people from achieving their dreams. The undeniable problem is, most people do not even realize they are caught up in this "moving parade" trap.

What the moving parade is, is a never ending chain of "opportunity chasing" that keeps you from ever zeroing in on one thing. It's the instant gratification addiction, the ADD society we live in and it's a killer for generating wealth.

You see, most people will do one thing on Monday and something completely different on Tuesday to try and earn money. Then, on Wednesday, they are on to something new. On Thursday, same thing. Friday, a brand new thing. And this never stops.

For many, they can be caught up in this vicious cycle for many years. Unfortunately, this is a dire problem and not many are waking up to the fact a black sheet that has been pulled over their eyes blinding them of the real pathway.

Because the truth is, in order to make significant income for a long time to come, one must master one system first. You have to master one system first and most never-ever come even close to doing that.

Therefore, while everyone else is out chasing pipe-dreams and wishful thinking, you should be plugging away, day after day, generating real income! You WILL separate yourself from the large majority of people caught up in the hamster wheel.

After coaching and mentoring hundreds of high-priced, elite students, it quickly became obvious most people severely limit their own cash-flow. You see, amongst star online marketing millionaires, all most every single one of them is practically addicted to cash-flow.

These million-dollar marketers become restless and edgy when they are not beating their drums and generating constant cash-flow. They get an overpowering emotional drive to do something now… anything… to drive some more cash into their bank accounts. Seriously.

Although this may sound strange at first glance, these marketers can barely go a day or two without doing something, taking action, to pull in more cash. To them, it's a chase, a rush of accomplishment and it's extremely fun.

Often, they put no limits on themselves and usually expect everything they do to succeed and thrive. And, when something does not go well, and results are disappointing, it fuels them even stronger, more determined now, to make the next action steps succeed.

But on the other hand, they were not born that way. They did not show up on Mother Earth as ambitious money makers. They developed this attitude through achievement, through trial and errors, through results and through expanding their "wants".

You see, while these millionaires constantly beat their drums to drive income, most everyone else is severely limiting themselves by holding back… by not feeling worthy of significant income… by creating barriers that do not even exist… by making excuses… and by getting caught up in the hamster wheel of chasing pipe-dreams.

Instead, you must increase your "wants" and you must strive to make more-and-more money, and understand that making money is what makes this world go around. To have an attitude of wanting less, will ultimately provide you with inferior results. If you want more, you'll get more. If you want less, you'll get less.

As you get moving forward with this system and start earning money, you'll quickly put yourself in a position of strength for generating constant cash flow. You'll have the abilities to drive cash on a daily basis.

Therefore, you'll quickly find yourself in a process of earning cash by taking small action steps (that

generate cash) every day. We call these "cash flow action" tasks. You see, an example would be spending an entire day installing a blog or working on a logo and not doing something that day to drive cash.

An entire day can be taken up working on some blog and we call that "busy work". It's easy to get caught up in "busy work". And, although sometimes "busy work" is necessary, it's not "cash flow action" tasks. It's just busy work.

What's important to understand is, everyday you can take "cash flow action" tasks and always be beating that drum of cash flow generation. Just this alone can boost your income and increase it beyond what you are used to.

But first things' first, you need a system that allows you to drive daily cash on demand like this… and you need a foundational system that brings in cash flow even if you do nothing at all that day. You need passive-residual income and you also need the ability to generate cash out of thin air every day.

If you have ever heard the saying "It's who you know" that makes you money… that statement is almost true but needs some refining. A better statement would be something like this:

"It's who you know, what they think of you, and how they can help you!"

Because you see, building key relationships can cover your weaknesses… boost your strengths… support your endeavors… provide company on your journey… share in celebrations and pick you up in defeats. Key relationships can drive traffic to your offers and key relationships can help you convert better, making you more money!

Key relationships can provide you with customers, investments, money, advice, solutions, software, new opportunities and much more.

Key relationships = money!

However, most people ignore this and remain in their hidden caves trying to do everything solo. Even if you work better alone, ignoring key relationships is detrimental to your cash-flow and achievement.

Inside this program, we steward members to build relationships with each other. We are all like minded individuals, with similar interests. Everyone inside this program is "good people" and want to help you.

Building relationships is a piece of cake inside Job Crusher. For you, that means money and opportunity. You see, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, what we like doing and what we don't like doing. There's ample opportunity to partner up and get people to help you. that's priceless any way you slice it.

Job Crusher is absolutely loaded with benefits for you!

The easiest way to control cash-flow and guarantee yourself constant "bill-paying-income" instead of just guessing and hoping.
The easiest way we know of for generating a full-time income with only 10 or so hours a week put in.
The easiest way to make money without money or a budget…
The easiest way to make money if you have zero skills and are brand new (newbie)…
The easiest way we know of for making money as fast as this week!
The number one easiest way for earning cash on demand… by driving cash-flow out of thin air… and by taking very simple "cash-flow action" steps yielding big rewards.
The #1 way to earn a small fortune by supplying a desperate need millions of people have and are already paying for…
The best way to build relationships and turn those relationships into strategic alliances that boost your income beyond what's ordinary.
Step-by-step training videos on how to follow a proven system for building and growing your own online business!
Live mastermind sessions, live presentations and LIVE Q&A sessions!
How to create ongoing revenue streams (Passive Income!)
Recorded sessions so you can watch over and over again!

How to make money as fast as this week as a broker!

– no skills needed

– no web design needed

– no contacts

– no need for traffic or paying for advertising

– no nothing

– no investments or money out of pocket needed

If you can send and receive emails, then you have what it takes to follow this "brokering" system and earn money this week!

How to joint venture in Niche Markets And Boost Your Leverage And Traffic And Customers And List, Faster Than You Ever Knew!
How To Create And stack residual-money higher and higher each and every month till you're as lazy as you can be!
How To Interview Famous And Successful Niche Experts (creating highly valuable content you can sell like mad)
How To Do The One Thing Nobody Else Is Willing To Do, And Earn A Small Fortune Fast Doing It!
How To Build Such A High Income Blazingly Fast, You'll Scare Yourself With What You Have Accomplished In Such Little Time!
How To Boost Your Productivity, Your Results And Your Financial Life By Changing This One Tiny Thing!
How To Create Your Front-End Product With Ease And Be Up And Selling In No Time Flat!
How To Create A Winning Sales Process That Earns You Cash On Multiple Levels!
How To Plug In Back End Products & Offers That'll Explode Your Profits Through The Fricken' Roof!
Email Marketing Techniques That Are Smoking Hot For Sucking Cash Out Of Your Niche List!
How To Outsource, Systemize Your Business And Live A More Free And Abundant Life!
The Secrets Of Slick And Effective Copywriting That'll Blow Your Competition Out Of The Stadium!
How To Create Your Website And Automate Your Sales Process!
How To Add In Affiliate & CPA Offers Into Your System For Optimal Profits And Sales!
How To Partner With Proven & Successful Marketers!
How To Be Up And Earning Cash This Week Following A Very Simple And Effective Formula!
How To Generate $50 To $100 Per Day Fast, With CPA & Affiliate Offers
How To Select Powerful Profit Generating Niches Where People Are Buying Like Crazy Already…
Step-By-Step System On Going From Zero To A Couple Hundred Dollars Per Day…
The 11 Step System For Massive Success Online, Including What It Takes To Go From Zero To Six Figures, Or Even Millions!
The "Renegade" Million Dollar Online Secret "NOBODY" Ever Talks About!
How To Build Networks Of Sites All Interconnected – Then Sell The Entire Network!
How To Create Your Own Products In Break-Neck Speed For Just About Any Niche (not PLR either!)
Over 20 Different Traffic Generating Strategies And Resources That'll Balloon Your Income Fast!
The Two Pillars: How to focus on these two things and balloon your income through the roof much faster than you ever though possible…
Stories and examples of real life uses of these insights for earning cash!
The Ultimate Secret: Not many on this planet will ever fully understand this, but you will! And, it can make you rich!
Why so many marketers are missing the bull's-eye on what to do to earn money, and what not to do to keep wasting money!
About building niche lists and how to manage them effectively (99% do not know this secret!)
The 90% marketing rule and how it will change your life forever!
All about "The Third Pillar" and how most miss this completely, but you'll flat nail it every time!
3 simple ways to double your conversions right away! (this equals more money)
One of the easiest ways to earn money this week! Anyone can do this!
7 crucial techniques for boosting your email marketing systems for selling high-ticket products.
How anyone, including you, can have high ticket products people will gladly pay for time and time again…
The 10 laws of marketing that can balloon your income through the roof this month!
Copywriting and conversion techniques most marketers will never know, even advanced marketers who earn six figures online.
Simple, yet effective ways to generate quick-pay-the-bills type cash with Amazon!
11 Day Turn-Around System to completely change your entire financial life forever. This is an 11 day plan to LAUNCH your business to the world and finally start earning the kind of money you deserve!
A little known technique, when used, can persuade just about anyone to do what you want them to do! (this is awesome!)
FREE TRAFFIC methods that will generate very targeted leads who want exactly what you have for sale!
Direct mail systems for laser-targeting "buyers"… (this is like shooting fish in a barrel for earning income quickly)
3 Hidden Secrets for renting a "hot" list and extracting as much income as you can from the list before moving on to the next "hot" mailing list!
All about CPA networks, offers, systems and simple brain-dead techniques for earning as much as $700 per day!
Social networking techniques you can use to brand yourself or business in the market and also gain subscribers from
The power of "Presentation" and how you can utilize this power for expert status in any market practically overnight!
And much, much more!

Intensive Weekly Training Videos Revealing Quick Money Making Techniques & Insights… Tightly Designed To Get You Out Of Your Day Job For Good!
(Six Figure Income Training!)

Every week you will get a jam-loaded video module training you on step-by-step insights for generating revenue online. Listen, this is pure gold. It comes from years worth of trial and errors… through testing and tracking… through blood, sweat and tears… and it's actionable content!

This training is the best you're ever going to find for making money online and it comes locked and loaded with REAL secrets from being in the trenches. This is what you call the nuts-and-bolts of making money online from home.

If you are someone who wants very badly to earn a living from home, and are someone who is serious about taking action and getting results, then this is the best you're going to find. This is as good as it gets. You're not going to find a better deal for this top-shelf content!

I mean, imagine one week getting video training and a cheat sheet on how to drive hundreds of visitors per day to your site. Imagine the next week getting a step-by-step strategy for generating passive income — where you earn money automatically each and every day — even if you take the entire week off!

Keep in mind, this is content coming from three guys who have generated over 30 million dollars online. You are going to discover secrets you don't even know exists at the moment!

How powerful is that?

Look, the fastest way to get to where you want to be is to learn from those who have been there and done that… and who are sincere in helping you succeed the right way!

You will be blown away with what you discover on these trainings and you'll love every one of them! You want the truth on how million dollar marketers really earn money? You've got it here!

Private "amped-up" Community Forum where movers and shakers interact and share results, help, opinions, support, motivation, JV opportunities, partnerships and much more!

There is one common theme to this private forum and that is to "share". When you participate on the forum, you'll quickly notice that the point is to share… and that there is abundance in the world, to not hold back and to help each other.

Of course, we all post on the forum… including our staff and dream team tech wizards and SEO stars, but we also have fun and boost each other up. I mean, in life, there tends to be two kinds of attitudes… the people who boost you up and those who bring you down.

Therefore, on the private forum, it's a rule we have called the positive rule. That rule is to create a culture of positivity and prosperity. It's a place to learn, discover, mingle and grow. It's a place to strike deals, make offers, find help and get advice.

This forum is for movers and shakers, winners, who want to grow and help others grow. You are going to get a ton of actionable advice, case studies and more there on the private forum!

FULL ACCESS to live streaming of a 3-Day offline blockbuster event in Atlanta, GA (event focused on traffic!)

This is just tremendous here and it certainly is a no-brainer, high-value opportunity. You get to watch from the comfort of your own home, LIVE streaming, of our blockbuster offline seminar taking place in Atlanta!

It'll be like you are there in person!

You'll get to watch star marketers teach from stage. I'm talking about some real legends in our industry. How powerful is that?

Imagine an expert marketer revealing how he built a list of 100,000 followers in a matter of days! You get to take that knowledge and earn revenue with it!

Imagine another star marketer revealing how he gets free traffic from a very unconventional technique NOBODY does…and most don't even know about!

You get to watch the entire event from home!

Monthly Intensive Interviews And Presentations From Successful Experts Who Are Earning Big Money Online! (They reveal cutting edge, actionable methods)

These presentations are where we pick the best of the best experts in the market and get them to reveal their deepest money making secrets to you. This is focused on delivering to you, actionable content.

We bring on people who can change your life forever. We bring you mindset experts, copywriting and persuasion experts, millionaires, traffic generators, affiliate marketers, product creators, tech stars, social media wizards, legal and much more!

Imagine getting a full blown presentation from a multi-millionaire who has built up a jaw-dropping income all from following a simple formula. Or, imagine an expert on psychology who shares with you a mind-boosting technique that will allow you to earn 520% more income this year!

Imagine an expert at branding teaching you how to get publicity. Imagine a professional speaker teaching you how to win more friends and speak like a pro.

Look, it's all about growth. If you want to earn far more than you ever dreamed of earning before, you've got to invest in education and growth. Knowledge is indeed power and true marketers understand this well.

You will get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of training from these interviews and case studies alone! We go out and get the best of the best to teach you (and us).

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a golden opportunity, then get yourself inside Job Crusher at once! This is what you've been looking for!

How to do all sorts of technical tricks and step by step presentations!

Even if you are not savvy in the technical areas of online business, these presentations and trainings will be step by step, and allow you to do many more things yourself!

Additionally, there are many technical tricks you should know about that can really boost your income.

Even if you outsource or pay someone else to do these things for you, it's a good idea to know what can be done technically to increase your results.

And — It sure is nice when you dont have to depend on someone to do things for you, where you can knock things out yourself very quickly!

You'll discover:

Step-by-step newbie videos and training showing you a wide-range of technical insights.
The whole lowdown on WordPress, WordPress plug-ins, the latest new technologies, and more!
An introduction to simple web design, simple HTML, etc. etc.
Easy ways to set up a PayPal button (or merchant account) so you can accept payments online properly…
How to set up Amazon's S3 service for hosting large video files and more!
How to add forms to your pages, to capture information, conduct surveys, etc. etc.
How to create up-sells and down-sells…
How to use shopping carts properly…
How to conduct webinars and online conference calls…
And way too much additional stuff to list here!

These training videos, illustrations and webinars can be found inside and offer you tons of tutorials, guidance and insights you'll not find anywhere online at all.

Everything taught is designed to help you earn much more money online and also free up your time… eliminate frustrations and make life much easier for you.

Signature Blueprint is a jam-loaded video training course, full of videos, PDF's and audios.

This loaded-up course is carefully constructed to give you the best Internet Marketing education known to mankind.

This course could easily demolish other competitive courses out there, and it does not come with the huge price tag either.

Home study courses like this can range in the multiple thousands, but here… you get it all as part of your Signature membership access!

You will want to reference these videos throughout your Internet Marketing career. Your journey just got much easier, much more crystallized, and much quicker!

Get off the ground the RIGHT WAY!

You'll get:

Step-by-step videos that cover (from scratch) everything you need to get up and running with a REAL online business fast!
The program is designed to take you by the hand and help you every step of the way. When in doubt, this is where to go!
Constantly updated with new content, new cutting-edge methods and insights, this course simply blows-people-away!
It's predicted this course will change thousands of people's lives, and hopefully help thousands of people live more abundant, successful and wealthy lives!
If you want the REAL information, you just found it!

You see, this domain name was registered on July 4th, because that summer, I (Eric) quit my day job for good! I was able to quit that job because I started out as an affiliate marketer.

I then started creating my own niche products and sold them online. From there I built relationships in the Internet Marketing space and grew from there. I used to be a newbie. I used to buy all that garbage I was telling you about earlier. I used to be lost and frustrated and I used to wonder who was "The Real Deal!"

I used to pull my hair out and try things until my eyes bled. I used to stay up late at night testing things out, only to wake up before dawn to get ready for my day-job.

I used to fight traffic and bosses and co-workers too! I almost quit one thousand times myself. I had a very bad taste in my mouth for a long time. I failed a lot too. All I wanted was a formula that worked.

I used to even contact other marketers and ask for mentoring. There was nothing like Job Crusher anywhere then. Not even close. Heck, there still isn't to this day. Nothing as sincere and to the point as this program is…

And when I quit that job in June of 2006… I made a promise to be that person who would one day sincerely help ambitious people quit their jobs too. I've been helping people ever since. People have come to me from all over the place… including my real estate agent… my attorney… my accountant… my old friends… family members… pool cleaning company… surround sound installer… banker… (you name it).

People really want a better way of living. They want more quality of life. They want to be free. Therefore, I registered that domain name ( and I have been fulfilling my promise ever since.

Sometimes people need tough love too. And, I have never hesitated to provide it. I've been known to be direct and to the point, but that's because I really want people to succeed.

One thing I can promise you is I will tell you the truth. I will not sugarcoat anything and I'll tell you flat out what I think. I'll be honest and to the point, and for many, that works for them!

I am not saying I'm perfect, but I am saying that I promise you this: I Will Tell You The Truth… Tell You What I Think… And Will Be Direct And To The Point. That's My Promise To You!

I don't think I've met a more determined person in my life than Bill. He's a major success and I can tell you all about how he has different niche businesses, with millions of subscribers on each niche list… and has had multiple businesses that generate over a million dollars… but what I want to tell you about is how he can help YOU!

You see, nobody knows traffic like Bill does. He's in the trenches… testing what works and figuring out how to drive millions and millions of visitors to his sites.

He's a guy who knows traffic and knows how to build up quick income! And he's spent the majority of his online career (over 12 years now) in other niche markets outside the "make money online" niche.

He's a true "walk the talk" expert. He's the real deal and THAT'S who you should be following and learning from… Bill "The Real Deal" McIntosh!

Listen, you are in great hands here indeed. Bill expressed to me how he spent almost 100k on just one of his businesses driving traffic to it. Plus, he has his dream team SEO stars who follow his direction. He's got paid traffic and free traffic coming out his ears.

And, one of the things I admire the most about Bill is how he is constantly cooking up new techniques in his labs. I mean, he's like the mad scientist who is in his labs at all hours of the night trying out different contraptions for making money!

For you, that's an absolute gold mine!

I mean, one trick or technique can have huge impacts on your income… and with Bill, you're going to get the mother-load of great information, insights and techniques!

We promise to provide you with all the information you'll ever need to quit your job and earn six figures from home.
We promise to provide you with great customer service and world-class support…
We promise to provide you with top-shelf mentoring based on results (money getting activities)
We promise to treat you well, to treat you how we'd like to be treated… and we promise to not lie to you or to give you false hope or empty promises.
We promise to do what we say we'll do…
We promise to keep you updated on the latest information, cutting-edge techniques and changes to the net.
We promise to give you everything we've got for earning a full time, six figure income, online from home!
We promise to not abandon you, or this dynamic program. We plan on being here for a very long time to come and Job Crusher is our full-time home!
We promise you'll receive growth and prosperity!

Our offer to you is unmatched! It's unheard of! It's unique and it's different and it's a giant, mountain full of value, period!

You get to watch — from the comfort of your own home — a full blown offline seminar, dedicated to "Traffic Tactics"…

Plus… You get an absolute TON of content, training and step-by-step methods for earning a REAL six figure income online from home…

Plus… You get access to our private forum — which is loaded with movers and shakers, very experienced marketers and newbies alike.

Plus… You get full blown presentations, interviews and case studies from the best of the best around.

Plus… so much more!

AND, you get it ALL… all of it… every ounce of it to try out for only…

Not only do you get to try it all out for a dollar, but you also get a full 60 day money back guarantee too!

Look, if this is not for you, we insist you get your money back. We want you to be blown away… to be part of our Crusher Family… we want you to be with us for the long-term… to continually grow with us… to learn and adjust as the net changes and adjusts.

We want you to absolutely fall in love with Job Crusher and to be a raving fan of it, like we are. I mean, this program is it's own entity. It's a living and breathing entity all on it's own.

We only want those who are raving fans and who find incredible value here. If you find for any reason whatsoever (or no reason at all)… that this program is not right for you, or you just need your money back for no reason at all, then you will get your money back without a problem.

This is an iron tight, solid, money back guarantee an it is honored entirely without hassles. Try it for a dollar and see for yourself how incredible this program is.

You may not be able to sleep tonight once you get inside!

As you can see so far, Job Crusher is a jam-loaded, dynamic membership program. I'm sure you can imagine how pumped-up people are inside and I'm quite certain you already see the huge value for being a member too!

LISTEN — I've been in this business for half a decade now, and before that I was deep into offline advertising & marketing. I know what it takes to get to the next level and I can assure you… this program will do everything in it's power to help you earn more money from home.

Unfortunately, it's not a pie-in-the-sky, get rich overnight type of program. In fact, if you are looking for that, let me be the first to provide you with "tough love" and explain something to you right now…

That does not exist.

You have to build a real business. The pie in the sky is for average people out there and it's designed to keep you struggling forever. You don't want that. You want the truth.

However, most out there cannot handle the truth.

Most out there want that pie-in-the-sky income without putting in the effort or time to get it. Those people out there who do that will continue to spin their wheels forever… getting nowhere… blaming everyone… and failing miserably time and time again.

Be part of the microscopic percentage of people who finally figure out that this business is a "business" and not a pie-in-the-sky.

Be part of the folks who grow everyday… who escape comfort zones… who ignore gossip… who provide good value to others… who are not scammers or rip off artist… who do things right… with integrity.

It's funny really. The black hat folks often keep spinning their wheels looking for some kind of loop hole to exploit. And, if they happen to stumble upon something that generates them some money, they probably have a hard time sleeping at night… and they probably will end up broke as can be… once that black hat scheme comes crashing down. Then what?

INSTEAD — Build a real business, one you can grow and grow… and one you can perhaps even sell for a big-cash-out one day!

Be smart and do the right things and build a REAL business you can be proud of. Then, just shrug off the gossipers… the toxic folks… the wannabe's who are looking for pies-in-the-sky… and the pretenders who are just after "significance"… instead of "good business"!

Job Crusher has been notorious about closing it's doors for long periods of time. In fact, it has gone as long as 7 months closed to the public and only open to those who got in before the doors shut closed.

Other times, it was open for a week only… and other times it was only available if people invested in a $3,500 coaching program! People have practically begged to be let in when the doors were closed and I have to admit, some have been angry about not being able to get in.

Some members have been with us since 2006 (when the doors opened!) and have been there all along. Many have volunteered to help and support job crusher with different tasks and duties. Many have credited Job Crusher with changing their lives and providing them their starts (some who have gone on to be big stars in this market place).


We will be celebrating our five year anniversary on July 4th, 2011 and this is a special offer to open the doors and allow new and ambitious people inside to help us celebrate a very prosperous future!

Now, let's have some fun and make a bunch of money!

Get inside, you're going to absolutely fall in love with Job Crusher! It's going to be your "money place" where you get all the best secrets for making money from home!

You're going to meet people who can become life long friends. We are all likeminded people, with lots in common. You'll dig this place, guaranteed!


Eric Louviere & Bill McIntosh
"The Crusher Crew!"

P.S. – (Step One) Once you get inside, watch the "welcome" video.

P.P.S. – (Step Two) After you watch the welcome video, go to the private forum and introduce yourself!

P.P.P.S. – (Step Three) Watch the "Quick Start" Videos…

P.P.P.P.S. – (Step Four) Dive in, follow what the "quick start" videos teach you to do ‘step-by-step' and FINALLY… FINALLY… FINALLY… QUIT YOUR DAY JOB FOREVER!

Seriously. There's no reason why YOU cannot earn the kind of money online that can provide you the luxury of quitting a day job.

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